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Hour 58 (And Counting...)

Well, today I actually took the time to add up the hours I had accumulated this week, and to my shock realized that I was pushing damn near *60* hours. Until tonight it didn't SEEM like that much time. Now that my neck is jammed and my mouth is swelling up from yet another exposure to whatever it is I'm allergic to (I *really* need to figure that out one of these days) the minutes seem to crawl by.

In fact, I can't remember the last time I felt like the clock watcher at this job. Usually I'm so busy that the clock seems to jump by hours whenever I happen to get a chance to look at it (and I actually HAVE to look at it when filling out a repair "form" online). Luckily for my state of mind I've gotten a few really great customers today to counteract the assorted freaks and assholes who have been so onerous even the Manager On Duty came close to telling one to "fuck off".

I would like nothing more than to go and collapse into a pool of explosively decompressing yohannon like substance (it's creamy AND delicious!), but there's a coven gathering tonight I have a sincere need to be at as well.

This jammed neck thing is getting hard to bear. I have to figure out a way to get it shifted back into place... I wonder if Bill the Witch Doctor can squeeze me into his schedule somehow?
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