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10 Minutes From Burlingame...

Once again, updating while at lunch. IN brief...

I finally had to have the Witch Dr. do the neck cracking thing for me. Fortunately, he had an opening, and even though I really WANTED to go see The Village with Roni and lavendersage, I was in so much discomfort that they willingly went with me to Bezerkely to have the work done. Mission accomplished... I felt so good afterwards that I managed to get tons done on a cabinet I've been working on (in fact, it's nearly finished... nearly two years after I conceived building it! I'll be SO delighted once this project is done!).

Had a wonderful time with the rest of the Lucid Pagans on Lammas, even though we didn't have a "real" ritual, and I was seriously dosed up on major narcotics to help me deal with my neck. When the dust settled, Roni and I found ourselves as the hosts of the Mabon ritual in two months time (for the non-witchy folk out there, Mabon = Autumn Equinox). This probably means I REALLY need to finish that fershlugginer cabinet, get the Zen Room cleaned and organized, make sure Baraka has a comfy place to settle in with her back (possible fallback plan A: Snag the Wonder Triplets of Hayweird's massage chair. It's light, moderately easy to transport, and we KNOW it'll work for her), and a variety of other important points. Roni has already begun to make lists -- she's all paranoid about getting it all done in time and all... yeah, I KNOW it's two months away. We're both kinda similar that way.

I even managed to FINALLY upgrade the RAM in her iMac to levels that stopped the incessant disk thrashing that only running OS X can produce. Now I just have to survive the next 8 days of non-stop work to use the resultant 4 day "weekend" to really get stuff caught up around the house.

*ding!* lunch break over... time to deal with the Hoi Polloi once again. Get well soon, Steve!
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