Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Well, It Was Inevitable...

Today I had to keep a straight face (I've heard the jokes, so SAVE it!) whilst helping a total babe.

She was short, had long hair dyed a shade of reddish purple, and violet contacts. It didn't help she was wearing these great green pants that were, without a dobt, skin tight... as in fitting to every luscious curve. Even worse, she had a brain, at least based on her questions about how an ipod would work with her stereo... maybe not a geek, but intelligent. *psigh*

I was actually pretty proud of myself... I DIDN'T summarily jump her to the beginning of the line, and I did NOT follow her out of the store. I didn't even flirt, however covertly. Completely and utterly professional... damn it.

I think I can handle one total hottie every three months or so.
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