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Thrashing About The "Jazz" Fest in Burlingame

Jazz is in quotes for a reason... for one thing, the music ranges all over the map, some of it decidely un-jazz-like, and what jazz there is... well, this IS Burlingame. Draw your own conclusions.

The resulting mass of remarkably white people (and this is as a very white irish based caucasion myself) seething around and in the store has kept me and out temp genius on our toes. I'm happy to say that the majority of our customers today, even the one's with problems (most of which, by definition, have to pass by our technical eyes) have been patient, understanding, and down-right nice... so of course we have to get one hard case asshole at the height of juggling several interesting (read: extrememly complicated beyond belief) customer service issues.

I can't go into details, but I will say this: I feel sorry for his kids, because either he's going to have a coronary within the next ten years, or he (and his equally shrewish wife) will teach them that the best way to get service is to be as loud, unreasonable, and annoying as possible, to the staff and anyone who would have the termerity to dare purchase products from our store -- so much so that he had the exactly opposite effect, spurring people to buy.

Anyway, I'm managing to cram an actual lunch down my throat, and have even managed to complete a repair today (woohoo!) so I'm feeling accomplished. I'm even daring to consider a side project this week involving getting our service inventory reorganized. Yes, it's been going THAT smoothly! Of course, I'm knocking on the nearest wood like product, as there are three more days to go.
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