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Nine Days

Well, I got home about an hour ago... with my last ergs of energy I put the screens back into the windows (the painting is, at long last, DONE), making sure to throw the shades all the way up. I knew this place wasn't as gloomy as it has been of late.

As I type this I'm soaking in the tub, trying to steam out the last nine days of continuous work. Aside from the payoff in terms of money, I've made it clear that I'm NOT working Labor Day Weekend -- in fact, I've already book the flight, hotel, and car for Phoenix. (dcatt, if you're out there, email me your new number already!).

If you catch me online later, and I seem a bit unresponsive, please don't take it personally... no doubt I'll be a bit unconscious for awhile.

Oh, no worries... I actually feel a bit better than such a long stretch should have made me feel. This is decompression under controlled conditions, as opposed to explosive.

Thanks to everyone for their support -- it meant a LOT to me. Especially that of the wonder triplets, kshandra, and Roni, to name but a few.

Yo go boom.
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