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Feeling Lots Better Today

A nice LONG night's sleep, lots of cuddling with lavandersage and lovingstones, and even more processing than usual. Audra has been going through much of that lately, and while in some ways people might think she would be ahrder to edal with, she's actually better than she's been in a long time. Chalk it up to that thing that happens when we're in denial about something no longer being a factor.

Right now she's at therapy with Eileen, who called in sick. Roni's heading up to Cache Creek to play bingo with penguingoddess, and to meet up with her friend Rita, the survivor of one of those movie of the week incidents back in May.

I thought I told y'all about her, but in brief: A semi blew outa tire directly in front of her over on 99 (between Fresno and Sacramento), and she swerved to miss the mostly intact hunk of rubber flying at her car. If you've never actually tried to lift one of those tires, you wouldn't know that hitting it would be like hitting a cow, only without the loud and abruptly strangled "MOO!" noise -- in other words, a major collision.

Since her choices were "hit large potentially fatal piece of rubber" and "side swipe the guardrail", she chose the rail. Normally this would have resulted in much scraping of the passenger side of the car. But murphy loves to laugh.

By sheer bad luck she managed to flip the car, becomming partially pinned inside. This is where we find humanity truly is divided into two groups.

The first, possibly larger group (though the more optimistic side of me would like to think that, under the right circumstances, they can join group 2) is represented by the cab driver who stopped to help.

The second is represented by some random guy who pulled off in his truck.

You'd think that they were both good samaritans, and technically they were... until the cabbie heard noises that suggested that the car was on fire, and that it was entirely likely to go up right in both of their faces. Said cabbie, forever anonymous, bailed, saying he had no intention of dying.

The truck driver refused to give up. He just happened to have box cutters in the truck, and after using his arm to break her window, he cut her from the car and dragged her about 6 feet away from the vehicle... when it proceeded to actually explode.

Despite what the movies seem to preent, car explosions are actually pretty darn rare. This rare event managed to burn the both of them, the samaritan more than Rita. Why's that? Because this guy, whose only connection to this event was to happen to be driving down a freeway at exactly the right time, had covered her with as much as his body as he could.

Like I said, I want to believe that we all could be in that second group.

So, since Roni might be getting a job fairly soon (she's going to a second interview Wednesday, with another new one Thursday) she wanted to be sure to get there to hang with her a bit. That's how they met, playing Bingo. Wild how some friendships are born.

Oh, Kim, Roni and I finally managed to go see "The Village". On the off chance that someone reading this has NOT gone and seen it, I won't produce any spoilers: Suffice it to say I will be getting this one on DVD when it comes out, and that anyone who you may have heard complaining about the movies probably has only half the IQ neccessary to watch it. You literally can't blink, and not everything is spelt out for you... not even the ending.

Audra and Eileen are back... I'll talk more later!
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