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You Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun

So, by this time tomorrow I should be coming in for a landing at Phoenix. I figure the temps at near midnight will be hotter than it was earlier this week, i.e. the mid 90's.

That is without exaggeration.

Fortunately, the rental car, hotel and (one would presume) the theater at which we will see an actual stage musical production of Rocky Horror (audience participation version, 'natch!) will have air conditioning to do a major computer facility proud. I plan to wear my kilt, which means I'll be wearing it on the plane in both directions. I pity the poor bastard who winds up stuck with the two of us, both listening to comedy records on my iPod thanks to a simple earphone splitting device, the bearded weirdo in the kilt and Hawaiian shirt and the cute fat red head. One hopes it becomes one of those life changing experiences... or at least a good water cooler tale. ("I swear, I think he was HOT for her!")

If he only knew that dcatt was eagerly awaiting my arrival (well, for both of us in fact... though me perhaps a tad more), or what I had stowed in my carry on luggage. Of course, depending on where he's standing when security starts digging through it to figure out what all those strange objects are, he might already know.

I've made the decision to avoid proving that my computer really IS a computer by the simple expedient of not taking it. A radical concept, true, but I figure anyone who would want to get in touch already has my cell phone. The truly desperate could try text messaging me via the link on my user info page.

I might have a moment during lunch tomorrow to do an update, but it's best to assume I'll be offline until Monday night, maybe until Tuesday (lavendersage has been making noises about seeing me after I get back, if I'm up to it.)

I have to wonder... how is it that every time I visit Arizona, it's August? You'd think that I was trying to keel over with heat stroke.

Oh, one last tidbit: I received a envelope today with the letterhead of the Heart of the Forest Ren Faire. Inside, with no note or explanation, was a checkbook I had no idea I had lost. Inside was my social security card, the same one I've had since I was 12. Whoever found it, turned it in, and/or mailed it to me... Thanks man.

As for me, I'm once again finding that there's hope for the race of man.
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