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Tired But Elated - How Weird Is That?

So, let me cut right to it:


It's just the capper in all the hysteria of the past few weeks. It's a decent commute with good pay, so we're both probably in the best shape financially... well, ever.

The stress of the past few weeks is taking it's toll, though. Right now I'm operating on about 20 hours sleep for the WEEK. As tracytreefrog pointed out to me today, that seems to happen when I'm seriously stressed.

Tonight I plan to post this and crawl into a suitable cocoon of slumbering, well fed (thanks to Roni) and generally satisfied with my lot. I even got to spend time with Michele yesterday, and we both had a good time! Apparently the cats love the new place (they're fascinated by people riding bikes) even more than the old one.

I even got to have lunch with kshandra yesterday when she stopped by to drop off a sick portable. She looks marvelous and only slightly overtoasted by the dessert. I hope I can head out there next year, if only to see that it's all about.

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