Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Much Better, Thank You

I slept for a solid 10 hours last night. If that wasn't enough, I had an actual MEAL before working (chicken pot pie at Mimi's Cafe... Mmmmm). As busy as it is today, most of the customers seem to be in a good mood -- even most of the ones with serious problems.

I'm thinking about writing again, especially now that my social life is mellowing a bit and the homestead is finally resembling a place where people are planning on living for some time. As opposed to a transient sort of ambience suggestive of geeks who spend too much time gamming and no time doing laundry or bothering with more than a pad to sleep on... perhaps not even that, if there's enough laundry on the floor.

I really should start posting some pics here, if only so my Mom can see where I'm living these days. Once things settle down I'm going to have to fly her out here to spend some time with her eldest son, especially since I can put her up in an honest to god guest room.

Anyway, I'm back on the clock in 10 minutes. Oh and Roni, if your reading this... Jen is a Tequila fan.
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