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Not Too Twisted For Color TV

Well, with all the sturm and drang over the CBS broadcast of the memos (including some insane posturing on the part of certain republican congress-critters), a new twist has arisen.

In short, the secretary for W's old Guard "Boss" says she didn't think she typed THOSE memos... however, they're actually re-creations of the ones she DID type, containing essentially the same information.


I can't believe these republican fucks have been going after Kerry about his service with crap like this in Bush's past. As far as I can tell, the only reason the so-called "Swift Boat Vets for the Ministry of Truth" are peeved is that Kerry had the balls to come back from being wounded multiple times in a senseless war and demanding that we think about why we were there. The way they act you'd think asking why people were dying in that godforsaken country in the first place was an act of treason worse than, say, dodging the draft by having daddy pull some strings by getting you into a cushy guard slot, and then not being bothered to even live up to that obligation.

This is almost as funny as Bush expressing "concern" over the steps Putin is taking over in Russia to combat terrorism. "Hello pot? This is kettle. You be black." Folks, as horrible as 9/11 was, a lot of the face on the tragedy was literally wiped out upon impact. Russia is forced to look at the bodies of all those dead children. Oh, and to make matters worse, we don't really think the Chechen's are as evil as Al Quaida, apparently.

So, the Russians (not very far removed from the very police state that Bush seems to be leading us to) want to batten down the hatches against terrorists borne from within their own country, and we're ticked at them? Hell, at least they came by theirs honestly... we had to have the CIA create ours.
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