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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

I know, it's been a week since my last update... and that was a phone post. Well, I've got good reasons for my dearth of writing.

First, I'm grappling with all the issues raised with the Hayweird Meltdown (as it shall hereafter be known). What's the saying... you can't do just one thing? Well, never has it been as clearly illustrated as it has over this time in my life.

Also, Mabon is tonight -- I've been working what little time at home I have with getting things more or less prepared. Much in the way gates is stripping the next Windows of features to get it out before the end of the decade, I was constantly reorganizing my priorities (and trying to be okay about it... a new thing, to be sure) to get things to a point where we could have the coven come over tonight... and even now there are tension points swirling around the coven not wanting Audra or Eileen to be there tonight. Admittedly, it's probably for the best until they can find some sort of resolution/holding pattern with Kim we all can live with, but I'm not comfortable with the sense of schism that it implies.

I feel like it's an ongoing serial. You can almost hear the narrator intoning in deep pear shaped tones the words "Will the coven find it in it's heart to pull back together? Will they regain that 'perfect love, perfect trust'? Will Yo ever have a boring life?"*

As if I wasn't already over-burdened, I had one of those damned moments of inspiration tis week. It couldn't be for a WRITING project... oh no, way too simple. It was to build the main alter for the Zen room, where the Mabon ritual is to be held tonight. People familiar with my wood working style know that this can involve some pretty hairy hacking, sawing, drilling and sanding. Some would roll their eyes and think that the thing would be 75% done and unusable by today, and then sit forebodingly in some corner waiting for my touch again, like some spurned over night stand. They could be forgiven for thinking that, based on my past history with such projects... but then a lot of those were the victims of bad timing at the house in BC, when the girls didn't want to deal with the noise or smells. Without that constraint, I was actually able to start the project late Wednesday, and assemble it last night. Technically it's only 90% done -- it still needs some touch sanding and a good wood oil finish. It's red oak, and if you think I'm going to STAIN a nice hard wood like that, you're more gauche then I've ever been. Anyway, it's a beautiful thing, and it's something I made from scratch for a religious purpose.

I even got to try creating an actual table top just like they do on those carpentry shows on PBS... and it actually looks incredible. I think I'm getting the hang of that sort of thing.

I haven't even been able to let everyone know how my meeting with Chris and her girlfriend Erika went last saturday (amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm a lucky man, for all my complaints and bitching, and I try never to forget that).

What about work... well, it's improved a lot, actually. I think it's mostly an attitude thing -- once I knew how to properly cover my ass with the occasional customer determined to have a bad experience regardless of how much I worked to make them happy, I felt a lot of pressure fall away.

Roni's new job is working out well, and has some unexpected perks - like the fact that she gets 50% off on any of the books they handle. This include anything from Cleis Press, and a few authors I've run into in my life... Pat Califia, Carol Queen, and some babe named Hanne Blank (waves to misia, to name a few. They even have "The Complete Hot Head Paisan" omnibus. So don't y'all be surprised if your holiday gifts are either books or Apple based electronics.

Okay, I think that's more or less caught up. I'll try to be on more often... I miss doing this regularly. After this weekend, I don't think I've set myself up with anything for at least a couple of months.


* Answer Key: I hope, I pray, and probably not.
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