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Mabon Was Wonderful, Firefox Rocks

The ritual went well last night, in spite of the fershlugginer smoke alarms going off after we smudged for house blessing. Piercing, hardwired to each other, and over-zealous fire protection might be handy if we have a REAL fire... but it was a bit abrupt. Fortunaely, we were able to continue after a brief intermission. More on this (such as I can say) later.

Meanwhile, back at work, I decided to download FireFox. Having been burned by crappy open-source browser software in the not so distant past, I was reluctant to waste the time trying it out... except a lot of people I respect said it was excellent. The biggest shock: Once again, it's not bandwidth that's critical path in my page loading times, it's the browser. At least initially, I would say that 'Fox loads several times faster than Safari. Also, the pages render much closer to the way they look on non-Mac platforms. I'll have to try this at home... if it turns out that things like Yahoo groups and other sites are actually spitting up pages as fast as I'm seeing here, my random surfing days might actually return. "Rediscover the web" indeed!

I admit I like the prodigal nature of it all... I started on NCSA Mosaic (alpha, on the Mac) back in late '93... ten years later, after it transformed into Netscape, then Mozilla, then the last indeterminant number of code names in an endless trademark infringement waltz with some other product's legal team, I might be induced to switch back. Elegant, in an extremely geeky sort of way.

I might turn lavendersage and lovingstones on to this tonight... they've had some pretty bad experiences with MSIE on windoze.
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