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The End Of The World As Cop Out

So, lunarpheonix was complaining about her uptight xtian classmates declaring today's minor tremblor (which CNN made sound as if we were set to Surf Nevada) as a "sign" of the incipient end of the world... or at least of human involvement in same. After all, does it matter if nature soldiers on after we're all gone?

It made me wonder about that need to believe in an apocalypse. If we take revelations as the yardstick by which such things are measured, then we can see part of a common pattern of the oppressed (the poor "have nots") vs. the oppresor (the rich "haves"). The imagery is telling if we remember what the "haves" were like in the days that things biblical were being written. Long white robes, laying about in comfiness whilst playing stringed instruments is a blatant poke at the idle rich of the times. Hell is said to be based on a garbage dump located outside of Rome (which you can imagine must have been pretty horrific in those pre-EPA days), a fitting final destination for those who spat upon you. So what is the end of the world all about?

The ultimate in revenge. NO ONE can escape it, good or bad. Since the good (according to the book) are to be rewarded with eternal life and fun everlasting, and the evil condemned to satan's trash heap, all at the same time, apocalypse almost sounds like something to be devoutly desired. After all, it's not so bad dying if everyone who ever held you down gets nailed and sent to hell, does it?
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