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A Quick Entry, And Then He Runs (or How About Plan "C"?)

Well, last night was strange. Wound up speaking on the phone with griffen for about an hour, which was more than phone. Tried to stay focussed, and still managed to forget to re-set my alram this morning. As a result, was 40 minutes late (GAH!), though I DID manage to call in before I was officially late. I really need to figure out a way to program alarms into the computer to that I can just set up my alarms for the entire week up front, instead of trying to reset the bloody thing every other day.

In order to play catchup I basically had pudding for lunch, so I can get out of here in time to run to Vacaville to meet Erika and Chris. The next time you hear from me it'll be Sunday, at the earliest.

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