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Puzzling Evidence and That New Car Smell

It's true... a combination of factors has conspired to induce me to indulge in that most american of retail therapy, the purchase of A NEW CAR! (insert wild cheering and applause here).

I took delivery this morning of a 2005 Dragonfly Green Saturn VUE, with 6 Cylinder Honda engine goodness... made in Ohio. Go figure. Yes, I bought a SUV... in my defense I've discovered that, over the past 6 years of owning a two door compact car (i.e. The Beetle) that I needed a four door vehicle capable of easily handling the kinds of passengers I typically carry (read: fat people. REALLY fat people). Also, the odd thing is that this substantially larger, more powerful vehicle has the SAME mileage as the beetle... in fact, a couple of miles a gallon better.

Strange but true... as I turned over the key for the first time, the radio came on on the first sounds of Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine". More later.
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