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Another Definition of Abuse

Well, the plot thickens... turns out I was the victim of an assumption, one that I, myself, perpetrated. You see, I assume that if someone I care about is in a relationship, that person deserves a degree of respect. That includes truting that person to be honest and up front with me, unless proven otherwise.

One of the catalysts for yesterday's post was an exchange with the mate of someone I so care about, in which I was informed of many transgressions, most of which I knew not to be true. Based on the aforementioned given, I assumed what I did regarding being (as I put it) sacrificed to the expediancy gods. This turns out not to be the case, as a phone call from the dear one in question revealed to me this afternoon as I drove to work. In a nutshell, someone, instead of showing me the same courtesy I showed them by refusing to risk having someone cross a relationship boundary, even inadvertantly, they deliberately lied to me in an attempt to sabotage something that made someone they alledgedly love very happy.

Look, feel threatened. Be honest with me about it, so that mayhap we can find a way to make you feel less so. Don't you EVER lie to me in a way that shows me that you care less for your partners happiness and more for your own ego. It's a dangerous game, and one that you will ALWAYS lose... sooner or later.
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