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Yohannon Of The Multi-Colored Boogers

So, can we say "hit and run illness"? Monday night I had the slightest of scratchiness to the throat, which was all the warning I would get. By Tuesday morning it was clear to everyone here except myself that I wouldn't be making it in to work, and even I was convinced after showering did little to clear my head.

I essentially spent most of the two days asleep. I recall a phone conversation or two --the Saturn dealership calling to set up an appointment for this saturday to add on all the extras I ordered, Missy calling (I think...), woshad calling to make sure I was up for anything heavy duty for samhain... in other words, I know I had conversations, but only remember the roughest outline of what was said in either direction.

I remember seeing the lunar eclipse from my bed, and that the red sox swept the cards. Those jokes last week about it being a sign of the apocalypse don't seem so funny, especially with the election from hell right around the corner. Which reminds me, I have to fill out the damn absentee ballot.

The only good thing about this illness is that it went from head to chest to out in just 48 hours. I think another day or two it'll be completely out of my system, at least one hopes.
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