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Waiting For That Rant (Or Something Like)

I'm sure you've ALL been holding your breath for Yo's post election farce diatribe. Imagine him vibrating in place, his jaw clenched, skin purpling and his face getting all veiny and such. See him froth at the mouth as he contemplates the sheer hubris of a man who had more people vote AGAINST him then any previous president, with the narrowest margin since Woodrow Wilson, actually DARE use the phrase "mandate from the people" sans any sense of irony whatsoever.

The fact is, I've seen a lot of far better posts about the election from many people I view my literary betters. Check them out by reading my friends list before they scroll off. Of note is misia's excellent list of reasons why we shouldn't seriously consider bailing on the system or the country, my snarky IM client message about "learning to sing "O, Canada!" not withstanding.

The fact is, I'm a bit more sanguine about the election results then Michele, who is probably seriously depressed... no, strike the probably. She's depressed. And the temptation to succumb to some sort of political darkness does seem to have this overwhelming pull for those of us who think this would be the end of the world.

First off, after surviving 12 years of repugnant republican rule under the guise of Raygun and Bush the Elder I know how resilient the system really is. Everyone makes considerable hay of the gains made in congress, without realizing that the system was DESIGNED to produce gridlock -- you're not supposed to be able to make legislation willy nilly, and if, somehow, you succeed in doing so (*cough*patriotact*cough) the courts are designed to gut them before they do too much damage.

That said, I have to agree with griffen's contention that a vote for Bush was a vote for bigotry and intolerance, and if one thinks that they can be a friend of the queer and a Bush supporter, they have another thing coming. It's akin to saying a german could vote for Hitler and still be a friend to the Jews... and yes, I did just compare our unesteemed leader with Hitler. If you think that's harsh, do a side by side comparison based on their use of torture, "preemptive" invasions, propaganda and bigotry as a political tool.

Oh, and no, I don't give credit for being a "lesser" evil. Saying we should be forgiven our techniques because we aren't killing as many, hurting as much, or whatever, is as disingenuous a statement as... well, I *hate* to totally geek out with a Star Trek reference, but you might recall the scene in "Insurrection" when Picard confronts a well-intentioned (as in "road to hell") admiral over his intent to forcefully relocate 300 people to steal their planets most valuable resource (literally a fountain of youth... a worthy corruptor if there ever was one!). He asks the not so rhetorical question "When is it wrong?" A thousand? A Million? A billion? How many people have to suffer and die, how many families have to be torn apart, lives destroyed, before we decide it's "wrong"?

In the meantime, I'm going to live my life under this one, undying credo:

Doing My Part To Piss Off The Religious Right

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