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We Interrupt This Blog For A Brief Commercial Announcement....

You know what? I've been too goddamn serious here lately. Yes, I've been processing a lot of shit, trying to get some of the poison pressed from the spiritual boil I've been dealing with (hopefully you weren't eating when you read this!), but that doesn't mean I've turned into this boring one track minded pity party animal .

Roni forwarded me this not today, and I took it as a sign:



Lost your political appetite?  Nauseated by the sanctimonious crap you're being fed?  Not to worry: America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet is serving up a post-election "Blue States Special," with upcoming shows in Washington State, Oregon and California. Get rid of what's eating you at the following locations:

Portland, OR, Thurs Nov 11.  This show, at the Student Union at Reed College at 8 pm, is open to Reed College students and their guests only.  Make a friend at Reed College quick!

Seattle, Friday Nov 12.  Two shows!  7:30pm and 10pm.  Come see us at Seattle's most prestigious music club, the Triple Door, 216 Union Street.  For reservations, call (206) 838-4333.

Napa, CA, Monday Nov 29.  Do some whine tasting with the Kinsey Sicks at COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, 500 First Street, in Napa at 8 pm. For tickets click on www.museumtix.com, and choose "COPIA" and "November 29".

San Francisco: Nov 24-Dec 31.  "OY VEY IN A MANGER!", the Kinsey Sicks' hit holiday show, guaranteed to stamp out holiday cheer!  Now in its second year at NCTC, the show will premiere new songs sensibly excluded from last year's production. Tickets are on sale now!  Call (415) 861-8972 or visit www.ticketweb.com and search "Oy Vey" or "Kinsey Sicks".


Order Kinsey Sicks merchandise at www.kinseysicks.com by December 15 and get the same bad taste for 20% off!  What can be a better passive-aggressive display of gratitude to your loved ones who voted for Dubya than a gift of the Kinsey CD, "I Wanna Be a Republican" - or a complete set of four CDs and a T-shirt?  Use the savings to help pay off the burgeoning national debt!  Order now to inflict maximal damage!  (Please note that orders must be received by Dec 15 to arrive by Christmas.  Oh, and Hannukah is early this year - act quickly to offend the Jews in your lives in a timely manner!)

Yours in moral values,
The Kinsey Sicks

P.S.  Want the Kinsey Sicks out of your inbox? Just press reply and write: "So sorry, no time for emails, I'm too busy working on a constitutional amendment to bar Karl Rove from getting married", or words to this effect.

Here's the plan.

I think a whole bunch of us should just get tickets for that Friday after thanksgiving. You know, "black" friday... my manager (may her child to be have a long happy and healthy life) gave me the early repair shift that day, so I can make that show. Roni, penguin_goddess, and dcatt and I will definitely be there, and it will be fun to see who else I can get to go. I'm thinking perlandria and kshandra need to see these maniacs, at the very least, as well as... well, I'll let y'all fight it out.

Drop me a comment/email and let me know!
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