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Pleasant Surprises and A Filled Tooth

All hail Eugene Steeb Jr., DDS. He did a superb job (as always)...there's a damn good reason I still have a dentist in Oakland.

The upper right...MY right...eye tooth had a slight cavity. Normally it wouldn't have been something that most dentists would even worry about...except Gene knows that my teeth were prone to being absolutely solid, until they're not. I wound up with my first root canal that way.

Poor Gene. It was a small shadow on the X-ray, something to look at again in 6 months. Not three weeks later I was in agony, my whole face throbbing. It took two vicodin to localize the pain enough to realize it WAS the tooth.

The really make him feel guilty, he had to abort the root canal. It seems I have unusually long thing roots, and had to go to a specialist in the South Bay, one of the only one's in northern california who could handle the job.

So this time it was a quick filling, completely undetectable. He does good work.

I was back in the city by around 2:30, rolling down Macallister, when Scooter Girl appeared in front of me. She must have been in front of the truck in front of me, which had turned off one of the side streets.

This time I saw what the bumper stickers on her helmet read..."Hail to the Thief". Above it was a Giants baseball sticker. She was a blonde, longish hair.

At one point I was alongside of her, and glanced over...it was a black Honda scooter, an Elite. I had one like it in college, a white one. She glanced back at me.

At this point, it's a beautiful day, sunny and clear, warm (for anywhere in springtime, much less San Francisco) and I had this sudden bit of the wild hair. I followed her a bit, and then (because I thought it was just too creepy) I took off right when she turned left. I decided to head toward the ocean, went a few blocks...

And she pulled in front of me.

Again, I deliberately turned down a different street. I went a few blocks, chuckling at the oddness of the situation.

There she was again.

To make matters worse, I was in a blue new bug that has squeaky front breaks, which get used often in San Francisco. I felt like an accidental stalker, trying to get away from her.

I finally just pulled over and parked for a bit, just so I could lose her. I swear, I think I missed my calling...in an alternate reality not far from here, I think I'm a private investigator with a two pack a day habit and a bad attitude.

I realized that I was in the sunset district, which reminded me I wanted to give Kshandra a call. I paged her, and proceeded to soak in the waves and the pacific, amused at my recent run in with the sense of humor the universe has.

When she didn't call back, I chalked it up to pager separation. It was almost 3:30, and I was expecting a call from Teri in Seattle...and then realized that I wasn't sure who was supposed to call who. I called her, and it turned out she was going to call me -- but was deliberately trying to wait until exactly 3:30.

We had a wonderful conversation, into which descended the beep of call waiting. Kshandra, of course, who was about to run out to catch MUNI, and I offered to give her a lift (yes, transparent motivation).

(click) Back to Teri, chatted about things dealing with our hopes and dreams (best way to learn about people).

Wound up driving Kshandra to Mountain View. To be honest, I originally was just going to give her a lift to the CalTrain station, be we were talking and I sort of went into automatic drive mode. I'd like to think it worked out, as it gave me something to do with my hands while talking.

Got Kshandra to Mountain View where we waited at Printer's Inc...excuse me, BOOKS inc...for Daffyd to show up. We traded assorted stories about the joys and trials of being poly, queer, and so forth.

Oh, which brings me in an incredibly sideways manner to the fact that I outted myself to my mother last night.

I was chatting online when she showed up in my AIM client. Even though I had added her login as a buddy over two years ago, this was literally the very first time I've ever seen her nick show up.

Without thinking about it, instead of using my mundane screen name, I started chatting with her as Yohannon. I knew it was my mom, but my persona was just the same as if I were chatting with anyone else.

She was kinda depressed, and viewed this sudden opportunity to chat with me as a great lift. We talked about stuff for awhile, when she started to tell me about the dream catchers she's been making lately.

She wanted to send me one, though she knew that I had one already. She suggested that I hang it next to the other one. I mentioned that I would rather hang it over the other bed I sleep in a lot in SF, at Roni's...and that's when I realized where the conversation was going.

My Mom know's that I'm different -- she's really great about it. All she cares about is that I'm happy, and that I didn't turn out so bad after all the shit she feels responsible for from my youth. Never mind that I've told her that most of that was so beyond her control...she's a mother, and feels responsible anyway.

I know I have a LOT of explaining to do the next time we talk on the phone, but the hard part's over. All those hints she's been deliberately ignoring all those years (her words, actually) made the whole thing positively anti-climatic.

So, I'm going to go out with Roni tomorrow, have a lunch with Kshandra Monday, and will be in Dallas next Thursday. Hopefully I'll get word about that consulting gig, and within the next few weeks (before the end of the month) things will be clearer regarding an opportunity that I am non-disclosed on for the time being. Life is certainly getting interesting.
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