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You Really Should Re-think That Word Choice

So, I'm a bit hectic today as I prepare for dcatt's visit, but this caught my eye today. It's one of those throwaway news lines contained at the very end of this article about how Bush is running a serious risk of hubris by surrounding himself with yes people and not tolerating dissent within the administration [emphasis mine]:

"Conservative commentator James Glassman of the American Enterprise Institute said Bush Cabinet officers should copy Goss and enforce loyalty.

"'How to do that when bureaucrats have the equivalent of academic tenure? Make their lives miserable, transfer them or re-educate them. But don't leave them in place,' he said in a recent commentary."

Hello, did he actually just come out and use the word "re-educate" in a non-ironic context? Those of you wondering what I'm going on about probably DON'T know that more oppressive countries like to call their attempts to brain wash "reform" dissenters re-education. As in "He said bad things about China's party leaders, so he was sent to a re-education camp".

(Sits back and waits for the Bush administration to implode)
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