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Black Friday, Black Saturday... As A Matter of Fact It's ALL Black

Well, after dcatt left to return to Arizona, I dove back into the retail hell fray.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Pending her arrival Tuesday, I developed a sudden urge to beat the household into shape. Nerves will do that to me, after all. I had a lovely three day stretch (Tuesday through Thursday), but with Catt arriving late on Tuesday I didn't really get a chance to let myself relax very much. Catt can't be much to blame for that (though I do worry when people I care about travel during the holidays during these troubled times), as this is the beginning of a very tense making time for me.

That's right, it's time for the 4 to 6 week holiday doldrums. At least, in theory. That's because this year I've decided to go legit and get "the card", which means now a certain herb is now a legitimately prescribed medication, at least until the supreme court decides to put another nail into the coffin that is the 10th amendment, rendering the effort moot. But I digress...

So, while waiting for Catt's plane to finally arrive (delayed because of tornadoes in texas) I attacked my room to the point of absurdity, including a brazenly OCD fueled detailing of my clock radio (which had stuff in every groove and cranny... my theory is that it's a plot to force you to toss a perfectly good piece of hardware because you've become too grossed out by it's grunginess) and some seriously unnecessary dusting.

The actual Turkey day was nice and low key, with Roni producing some wonderful food and a turkey that convinces me that cooking the bird upside-down for the first few hours really DOES make the white meat absurdly juicy and tender. Friday... well, Friday I had to work. Which is where we more or less came in.

The bright spot about working Friday is that I managed to avoid the floor for long stretches by being the Genius in repair. I still had to make appearances on the floor when the bar got crowded, or when they needed another warm body to help out, but I managed to keep more or less insulated from the worst of it. Saturday was worse in some ways because not only was the Genius Bar officially open, I was manning it from 1 to close.

Question: Why is it people who have been having problems for weeks, months, even as long as a YEAR, wait until the busiest shopping weekend of the entire year to come in and complain bitterly about the wait to get their problem looked at? That's what we call a rhetorical question, by the way.

But then there was last night. Erika came by to "interview" the lot of us (Catt, Roni, Kim and me) about the nature of polyamory for a paper she's doing. She wound up getting a lot more than she bargained for, methinks, as she was witness to how a poly dynamic REALLY looks. She IM'd me today to ask if it was okay if she did a chart illustrating the various interconnections of my relationships. I suspect that she would need at least three dimensions.

Wow... I just glanced up, and we close in 5 minutes. Here's hoping Sunday isn't as insane.

(NOTE: No, the dearth of posting isn't a sign of the doldrums. In fact, I've been posting a LOT lately. However, most of it will remain hidden at least until January for reasons I can't go into at the moment)
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