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Long Delay Due To Processing - Please Stand By

I was blessed with two days off this week (Tuesday and Wednesday). After a 7 day stretch at work (which is, as far as I can tell, my healthy maximum) I really needed to the time to sleep in. Of course, I wouldn't be Yohannon without the drama that is my life interfering with a good day off, now would I?

Tuesday was a pretty big day. Aside from being Solstice, I also had promised penguin_goddess that I would help get the last of her stuff out of the house in Hayward and loaded up into the storage locker lavendersage (or lindygale, whichever seems to be in the foreground) and willowstand had gotten her. Oh, and first I had to re-arrange the existing contents of aforementioned cubbyhole.

After a late start due in large part to my moderation of Kim's process in dealing with all the stuff she's been forced to confront through this whole ordeal (and a very odd experience where in I won 20 of 25 games of solitaire on the new iBook I treated myself to... more on that later!), we got to the storage unit in Hayward at about 4:45 PM. Much to my shock, I was able to effectively free up half the storage space in about 15 minutes, which is even good for the man some dub "spatial relationship boy" for his rather uncanny tendency to know how to put things together so that they take up as little space as possible.

woshad and fae_struck arrived to help, and this turned out to be the touchiest part of the evening... W was worried that my offer to stand in for the helping hands that couldn't help Kim would upset the ladies of the house, as was F. I love W, but if he has one habit that makes me a little brittle at times it would be his slightly bossy inclinations. Of course, his totem IS the wolf, so the alpha male thing should be completely expected. It's not his fault that approach tends to make me a bit snippy. I mean, disagree with me, sure... but at least try to present an argument before a pronouncement.

I hasten to add that his concerns WERE well founded, albeit based on rapidly shifting conditions. It was only a week and a half ago that I was flailing about like an epileptic squirrel in my half assed attempts to assign blame and reason anywhere I thought it would stick.

Poor F was the most upset by my insistence on going to the house, but I wasn't willing to budge. For one thing, I had already re-organized the locker which would have meant me sitting around waiting for x number of minutes/hours. Another was that W didn't know which boxes were which in the ladies' attic, and would have to walk up and down those folding stairs in close quarters, F's back bothering her more and more as time passed. I *knew* that I could shave at LEAST an hour off of the time by being there, and that's something I would have risked considerable upset to accomplish. Hell, when F threatened just to take W and go home, my first thought was "...and that will get you out of the middle of this faster, which is a goal I really wouldn't mind." Even if they thought I was being an asshole about it.

As it turned out, Kim pushed them to call the girls, and it was all alright.

We got back to the house and started to work. From start to finish we were able to load up both cars for a single trip in under an hour, including pulling down some x-mas ornaments for the ladies and a brief conversation with Audra, and then Eileen. I had brought them a small solstice gift, cap in hand -- it was the only thing that I could think of that would help break the ice that turned out not to be there.

I missed them both SO much... and they were glad to see me there, and they really liked the present. Hugs were scary, as I was afraid I wouldn't be capable of letting go... (un)fortunately, F was being pushy about being in pain (which made me feel a lot better about insisting on being there... it would have taken at least another hour, hour and a half if W had tried to do it on his own), so I was able to walk away feeling hopeful and sad all at the same time.

Loading up the locker was a no brainer. When it was done there was actually still a way to walk INTO the cubby and retrieve almost anything there.

The whole thing, from the time we left Alameda to the time we returned, took under 3 hours. We were home by 7 PM, even with traffic.

Roni was home nursing a baby migraine. I did what I could to help her with that. Solstice celebrations were informal, as Roni wasn't up for ritual, and, to be honest, neither was I. I was so tired from the emotional and physical efforts of the day, and actually was going to crash with Roni before 11 PM had rolled around... except around 12:30 my body decided some acid reflux would be a fun thing as I slept. Ah, the joy of waking to find yourself choking on some of your own stomach's contents.

Of course, it would have been FAR worse to wake up choking on someone ELSE's stomach contents... but I digress.

It turned out that waking up was something the goddess probably wanted me to do. As I sat waiting for the Malox to kick in, I wound up talking to Kim a lot more about her processing around her parents. Also, to my surprise, Eileen was logged onto Yahell messenger, and we wound up having the most wonderful chat. I think I would have chatted with her all night, except by 2 I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I asked her if it was okay to call, and she said "yes"... I'm supposed to call her in about 30 minutes, though I wonder if I still should since she managed to sit vigil last night.

I couldn't... I had too much work to do.

So, now I have to consider that call, what needs to be done before I go pick up perlandria from work, and ponder what I'm getting everyone for the holidays (I am SO stealing "Hannukwanzmastice" from kshandra!), and deal with the final prep of the house ere Roni's friend Leslie comes in from Az. No pressure.

I'm really looking forward to talking with perlandria about everything that's happened -- she's been incredibly helpful with my parsing of the situation, in large part due to... well, some personal experiences that resonate with the whole saga, shall we say.

Oh! The new iBook... well, much to the shock of the store staff, Apple slashed personal discounts on the previous models of iBooks. As in, So Low Even *I* Could But One For Meself™. I picked up a 12 inch for Rob (her parents were going to help her replace the clamshell she accidentally stepped on one morning, so this would save them bunches o' bucks) and a 14 inch for me. Ping me offline if you want to try and snag one yourself, but hurry... I think the offer expires by either the 24th or months end.

It's so weird after several years of dealing with the limitations of the Pismo (firewire cam issues, speed, no support for the newer software, etc) that I can do certain things I couldn't before. My absolute favorite? Being able to burn CDs and DVDs right on the machine. Sweet...

Anyway, I should run. More to come, as always.
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