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And Now... Baby Facts

So, thank you all for all of the positive wishes -- I guess y'all like me or something like.

Here's a quick run-down of the information that some... okay, pretty much all... of you have requested.

She's due May 27th, 2005... yes, that makes her a Gemini. Thus far she's healthy, no signs on the ultrasound of any major birth defects. Yes, we've picked a name... in fact, we came up with the name fully 2 weeks before her sex was confirmed in "proper" scientific fashion. The fact that the only name we could think of was female, and that we couldn't think of a male name even after much discussion was probably one of those "signs" you hear us pagan types muttering about so often.

Total time to come up with her name? About 5 minutes. Thus far those who have heard it were shocked and surprised at what a nice name it was. Other parents were annoyed it only took us 5 minutes.

And now... introducing...

The Second Coming or the Spawn of Satan...

Yohannon's Daughter, Circa 11/12/2004. More current pics coming!

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