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I have an extremely rare (real) weekend off, and am running off to Harbin with Roni to soak for the day. A lot has been happening... a lot of stuff I want to write about would take way too long today. However, it's been about a week since my last entry, so I thought I toss y'all something amusing to contemplate.

lunar_phoenix posted this interesting Meme about how far one has come from the land of one's childhood. It was interesting, the personal response I had to it... but more on that later.
  1. Go To Mapquest.com

  2. Click on Directions

  3. Enter your Current Address and the Address of your Childhood Home (or at least the town if you don't remember the exact address)

  4. Put the time and distance in a post like this.

  5. Don't forget to repost these directions. (Not the door to door ones)

From my current location:

To: 77 Potomac Ln, Sayville, NY 11782-1534
Total Est. Time: 44 hours, 38 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 2974.87 miles

Erika was all depressed about only being 20 miles from where she grew up. I think I can appreciate that feeling, though it's important to note I wasn't doing much better at her age... By the time I was 24 the furthest nI had ever been from New York was... Cleveland. Before the Rock and Roll Museum, even. On a business trip.

What was odd is the feelings I got looking at the map of the neighborhood I spent a large part of my childhood. For nearly 7 years my entire world could be contained within that square -- my disastrous public school education, the break-up of my parents, my mother's nearly fatal encounter with a tree, the place where she worked after her knee was removed, where she met my step-father Skip, the woods were I was humiliated... but that's another entry.

Making all the more poignant was my fascination with maps as a child. I was a bit of the amateur cartographer, constantly making my own maps of the neighborhood, essentially chronicling my ever expanding universe from the ages of 6 to 13.

One last thing ere I must run: To get there from here I would be spending nearly 2881 of that 2975 miles on one highway... Interstate 80.

I'll have to try that some time.
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