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It's Too Much...I Sum Up

Back from Dallas last night...ambar rescued me from the San Jose Airport, where I found myself staring at one of the cutest Siebel employees I've ever seen (they help people out finding their luggage and stuff, apparently...she was helping what appeared to be a golfer in a wheel chair). Shelly or Sherry, I think her name was. Ambar was waiting, and I was really tired, otherwise I might have attempted to flirt with her.

There's way too much to catch up on, as always, and I have to run...I'm heading to Ponte to talk to Richard and to possibly help Ambar with a stupid Eudora glitch that is plagueing them. I was going to reply to kshandra's post about not removing banesidhe's name from her friends list, and realized that niether of my profile pics would do...wasted (?) about 30 minutes constructing something from a web cam capture on the spot. Sometimes my "little artist" gets free reign...and this was definitely the time for him to get it. Unfortunately, I can't see it after uploading, so I'll have to futz with it later. (update: just forgot the keywords...silly interface. Pbbt!)

I'll try to get everything down later, but for now, these words of wisdom uttered over the weekend in response to a comment of "You're insane, you know that?" from Fran's ultra-conservative boyfriend:

If you're not insane, you're not paying attention.

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