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Week Go "Whoosh"!

So here I am, once again trying to capture everything that's gone through my head for neigh on a week. Of course, it's damn near impossible to capture everything.

I think my first problems is how pissed off I am that someone, whether through chance or malicious aforethought messed with wickedladybear's head. She was right, I did figure it out from her rambling (which wasn't that rambling to me...I think I've been up that late once too often myself).

Let's see if I can cover the highlights, at the very least.

The meeting at Ponte went really well...I like Richard, he's got that good combination of business and tech sense that is almost impossible to find in someone that high up in management. Ok, so it's a startup...perhaps that's why it appeals to me. I'll call him next Tuesday.

Wednesday I met with Toria, who's totally toasted...I'm worried about her. She's pushed way too hard with this project at E-Bay. Fortunately, it should be over by April 1. My anniversary date for being out of work...I hope the Ponte thing comes through before then, if only to prevent me from saying "I've been out of work for a year".

At least the extended benefits have come through...I'll re-apply next week. I'll be covered one way or another.

Another thing that I've done this week was (finally) get the model releases worked up, and (this was harder) get a decent digital cam for taking the pictures for a CD-ROM project. When I compared the film development costs to what it would cost to get a decent cam, guess what came out to be cheaper?

Thursday night with Roni was incredible...she was chilly, so we got a tub over on Van Ness. No need for details...then or later when we were at her place. She actually said I was incredible this morning. While not usually one to fall prey to over-weening mail egotism, it still made me feel...well, proud of myself.

Teri dropped me an e-mail this week that I've STILL to reply to (if you're reading this sweetie, forgive me...I WILL answer it).

Now, I have a "date" with the aforementioned Bear. I might suggest that we do something involving something cathartic movie wise, if only to rinse the bad taste from her mouth of the night before. In fact, I meant to leave for Sac about 15 minutes ago...I think I'll be running just a bit behind.
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