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Remove Chicken's Head, Watch The Fun!

I had to get an entry in today... especially since it feels like I AM stuck in the movie. Which, unless I'm mistaken, is not playing anywhere on TV in the US (as far as I know). What horrible oversight can cause "Groundhog Day" to not be played TODAY, of all days?

I'm in an odd mood. First I discover that some close friends decided that unfriending them in LJ equated unfriending them in life, when it was just a case of not wanting to hear the bashing any more (and not wanting to subject them to my viewpoints, which I deemed inflammatory). Once I again I discover why I'm never destinged for greatness as a diplomat, and 9as I wailed to Roni last night on a slightly different topic) I have all the more respect and appreciation for Jimmy Carter. How the fuck does anyone do it?

[digression]I wonder if he has those intense internal stormy moments, where he has to control his breathing to keep from banging their heads together, speaking in time to the rhythem "Why... Can't... You... Just... Chill... OUT... Already!"[/digression]

I came in today to find, once AGAIN, that we're short a genius. This time P had called in sick. Of course, it's also a day of non-stop hilarity at the bar, with one difficult customer after another, including a bizarre encounter with one of our regular customers, this 80 year old man who was insisting his iSight cam was no longer allowing him to take snapshots. It turned out it WAS, he just didn't understand they were being autosaved to his downloads folder. However, during this meeting, a letter fell out of his file folder (where he kept all of his documentation concerning the computer), complete with attached photo of fully nude AND erect barely legal twink. Creamy filling indeed. It was all I could do not to crack up laughing on the spot.

Then dinner came around (I swear I blinked and it was here... the one advantage to beign super busy/engaged), I was checking my email. I get internal job postings, and one was for an SQA guy. When I pulled it up... I realized I knew the hiring manager! (aside to bunnybutt -- it was Rodney. Oh, and thanks again for the link from Craig's List). I hoped on it, submitted a standard type of cover letter and resume through the usual channels, and then sent a copy directly to him with a more personal "Hey! Nice to see you're still here..." message. It's lifted my spirits knowing that there's still hope for me beyond the land of retail.

I'm really hoping that he sets up an interview... he hasn't seen me since I had the eye surgery, my hair cut, and several style changes. Not to mention better medicated. I think he might be pleasantly surprised.

Ok, back into the fray... and I haven't been able to update y'all on Kim, Audra, Eileen, and so forth. I'll try to write more tonight.
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