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In Which Our Hero Drives, Consumes MSG, Takes Pictures, Plots, Takes MORE Pictures, & Makes His Move

Well, how about that...that's the longest possible title a LiveJournal entry can have, to the letter.

The date with wickedladybear went well. The drive to Sacramento went smoothly enough, with only the usual weekend driver insanity.

The original plan was to catch an afternoon movie and then dinner. When I got there, the Bear was wrapping up an important chat session. I wanted to talk to her about the incident of identity theft on IRC, and since her Mom was about I suggested we head to her room.

We spoke on that topic for a bit, until it was pretty darn clear that she was simply exhausted. Sometimes napping is contagious...we both fell asleep, snuggled together on her bed (which I made, by the way...strangely appropriate).

When we awoke (and after much back rubbing), we tried to figure out what to eat. She wanted chinese, and knew of a good buffet style restaurant nearby.

The food was decent, though I could have done without the tv screens set to ESPN, showing (yet again) those damn 9/11 clips. On *ESPN*.

We decided to go see Ice Age, so after we finished eating we headed south on 99 to the nearest theater she knew of. Unfortunately, it turned out that Ice Age was NOT showing at that particular 'Plex, but at another one exit south...the way we had come.

I made the joke that we would probably get there 5 minutes after the next showing. I should know better...it was actually 8 minutes.

Deciding that we wouldn't make the later showing (she was still tired, and I was beginning to feel...well, decidedly odd), we stopped at WalMart for some leather laces for her corset for the photo shoot, and some rechargable batteries for the camera.

While there, I felt like a balloon, light headed and almost taut. Like my whole body was swollen somehow. That's when I realize that the odds were extremely good that the General Chao's Chicken that I had just eaten was in all probability LADEN with MSG. Me and MSG have never gotten along well.

Fortunately, it's not like an allergy where you stop breathing or break out in hellacious hives.

Returning to the Bear's place, we spent the remainder of the night talking and musing on assorted topics.

The next day we began shooting. After about 3 hours I had well over 400 shots, about 75% usable. Some of the shots were simply stunning...once I get those sorted out, I'll be posting samples to the updated website.

Got back to SF by about 6:30, and went to movie and dinner with Roni. This time managed to see Ice Age (much better than I thought it would be, actually) and wound up at a Chili's to get fed.

Side note: This was one of the oddest dinner experiences, as it turned out 9 of the staff were disabled, mostly due to extreme sport participation. Adding to the peculiarity was that everyone on the staff was genuinely likable...I might have to work the concept into a story one of these days.

Sunday was a severely lazy day. Roni and I lay about all day, as I did some more research on what one needed to do to start a business selling CD-ROM's in the state of CA, and worked on the new website.

My original plan for today was to do some more work and head back to the house, where I would see if I could start filling in some of the final pieces of the site, perhaps integrating some of the first of the CD-ROM marketing. However, while tinkering with HTML, gtpooh popped onto Yahoo messenger. Next thing I knew I had another potential model, and was heading for Fremont.

I wound up spending the afternoon there with Kathleen, her daughter Jenni and her, taking test shots and generally being amazed at the sheer beauty I was confronting behind the lens.

There was one shot in particular when I suddenly realized that I was literally breathless. As in "took my breath away". I had this feeling that I had to stop and think about, and finally understand what it was.

When I am writing...REALLY writing, with that sort of wild abandon that only comes when you aren't thinking about it anymore...there's the same feeling. People call it being in "the zone", a sort of semi-satori of a nearly tangible bliss. At first, I didn't recognize the sensation, simply because I wasn't used to feeling it when not typing.

What I had intended to be only about 20-30 test shots turned into a 350 picture session. Since I didn't have the right lighting, I only think about 50-60% are usable, but that's still more than I expected. I'll talk about it more when I get a clearer indication of whether the people involved are actually going to let me use the shots (if they do, I'm going to need to take a lot more photos).

I finally got out of there at 8:30 PM, after Mike had gotten home. They fed me (once again I found myself eating a great meal), Mike impressed me with his uncanny ability to unscramble a rubik's cube, and a good time was had by all.

Arriving home I did something that made me realize how serious I was about starting my own business. I filled out and mailed the form for a CA state resellers number and permit.

I suppose I could brave the brisk weather (there was snow on Bay Area peaks again today), run out to the box and snatch it back. You know, in that fit of panic borne of that obnoxious voice, the one that wants to convince me that I have no idea what I'm getting into. It'll never fly, Wilbur.

But I won't. I literally have no reason not to give this a shot: Everyone I'm dealing with understands this could fail, that it's not a sure thing. That honesty's important, as it allows me to at least try. The risk is minimal, actually: I already have the tools I need to create this thing, all honed by years of tinkering and practice. All I have to do is implement the plan.

Based on my travels and schedule, there's no reason I can't have the 6 models already committed to the project shot and processed by my projected May 1st start date. The only other document I need to get filed is a petition for a fictitious business name, and that only has to be in the Santa Cruz county clerk's office by 40 days after start of business.

If the "maybes" come through, I could have as many as ten models lined up, and possibly well over *3000* images (or triple my original plan) by the start date. I'm starting to really believe that Rotunda Artworks is for real.

Hmmm...you know, I wonder if ambar would like to give this a go? Man, if this keeps up I may actually have to do this full time. What a rough life that would be: Working with sexy partially clothed and naked BBW's all the time.
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