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Best Tip Yet...

So, I'm still at a loss what it is about me that either delights or disgusts customers.

I mean, a week ago Sunday all I did was offer some advice to a customer who was 30 hours without sleep, and the next thing I know I was being blamed for reducing her to tears. Admittedly I take everything the person in question tells me with a boulder of salt (his management style is NOT impressive, and some of his sales advice is borderline fraudulent), but still...

And then there was this past week. I kept getting kudos for the same style I always THINK I have. Of course, I'm feeling a lot better internally... I'm starting to wonder if I broadcast more than I intend to. Anyway, so far I've received chocolate, money (an actual 20 dollar tip... they were sneaky and went to shake my hand, and without thinking I shook it on reflex. They literally ran from the store so I couldn't return it), not to mention offers for dinner, lunch, coffee...

Tonight, however, topped them all.

Back in college (freshman year, to be exact) someone had managed to obtain bootleg copies of the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy radio shows on cassette tapes. To make copies we would sit around, listening to each show as we dubbed them to a set of decks we'd all bring, somehow managing to produce some fairly decent copies.

Fast forward 23 years, and I find myself helping a nice gentleman at the bar having some trouble with his 60Gb photo ipod. While checking it on my test machine, I see he has the audiobooks of Douglas Adams reading the series he had concocted from his feverish little brain, and we struck up a conversation about it. He mentioned having the BBC radio series, which made me smile -- those were classic "fond memories", which included the one and only time I managed to have sex with Zoia, a lovely plump violinist I had this major crush on at the time.

I helped him out, and went about trying to play catch up from a somewhat crazed day (short a genius AGAIN, as it turned out). About ten minutes before we closed, I was finishing up behind the bar, when in walks the aforementioned guy... bearing a set of three CD's, filled with the complete radio series in MP3 format. I was stunned... nay flabbergasted. I think I stammered thanks.

(I got him back, though... he had no CLUE that the movie was actually being filmed. KJ pulled up a website, and I got my first look at Sam Rockwell doing zaphod, sans second head [you can tell where it'll be added later as an effects shot.])

You can guess what I'm going to listen to in the car for the next few weeks!
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