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Sort Of Plans for the Weekend

So, here's the plan, after a fashion.

I'm thinking of heading down to San Jose to hang out and meet people during the opening throes of PantheaCon at the Double Tree. I skipped last year because it was 2004, a year which has achieved an almost mythic status in my personal timeline, thanks to the upheaval and intensity that seemed to explode every other week... when i was lucky. More frequently when I wasn't.

I have to admit two goals: Hooking back up with some people that I lost touch with while dealing with my personal issues, and torturing in some small way the people that, for reasons I simply have no clue about, seem to obsess over my very existence (*cough*joi*cough*). No, that's not some sort of egotistical paranoia talking. The fact is I don't think about these people until someone comes up to me and points out that they STILL take time to trash talk me. Never mind that I had more reason to diss and dismiss THEM -- for some reason they aren't happy unless they're trying to "warn" someone about me.


However, even with that in mind, it's still more of a passive, "the best form of revenge is to live a successful life" sort of response. I don't do well with trash talking, for one thing -- I pretty much suck (in the bad way) at fighting this sort of fire with high temperature combustion myself. Besides, I guess I still hope that they'll get a clue and realize that they've been doing me a big favor all this time. After all, anyone shallow enough to take someone's word for it without taking the time to figure me out themselves is... well, not someone I want to contend with. Especially with my life the way it is now.

Anyway, if y'all want to hook up with me, send me a text message. I'm hoping this incredibly cute black babe named "Maeve" shows up... especially since I now live a LOT closer to where I last heard she was living.

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