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Pantheacon Drive By

Q: What do rabbits do at pagan festivals?

A: Take notes.

Wow, that was more fun than I thought it could be.

First thought: When Glenn Turner first told us that she was looking for volunteers for a new convention she was thinking of throwing back about 8 years ago, the rationale was that it would offload a lot of the over-crowding that was beginning to happen at Ancient Ways at Harbin Hot Springs.

This year, from what I understand, the con had over 2000 attendees... or about 3 TIMES the size of an average Harbin event. Oh, and the hot springs gathering has only gotten LARGER over the years. Those of you who know Glenn might understand her consternation over the inadvertent synergy.

Second thought: I met no few than a dozen people I did NOT know whom, upon telling them my name by way of introduction, said "Oh yeah! I read your LJ!". In the case of several of them I'm very delighted to have you reading, as y'all are hot as hell.

Speaking of hot -- there was this one ADORABLE boy who wandered in Saturday night, but apparently he was only there for one of the evening rituals, and left soon thereafter. Which really sucked... I hardly EVER get my shoes knocked off like that in an environment where I could have flirted with minimal risk.

I ran into the usual suspects: misdev was especially fun, gtpooh was a surprise in many ways, brigideire was fun to watch during the drum circle, as always, kshandra claimed it was her first ever Pantheacon, but I should remind her that I first MET her at one (in SF), perlandria was pretty much frantic ere the Pomba, and mere toast thereafter. I also ran into several people I literally haven't seen in YEARS, and most of them were actually glad to see me.

Without fail they all made with the eye bulging when I revealed my incipient relevance come this Father's day.

The reason this is so short? It's Roni's natal day, and I already have plans. Some yummy lunch, "Constantine" (even if they messed with the main character), and more sex. Which is a shame, because the heading won't make sense until I talk more about the kick ass drum circle last night.

Ah well... I'm sure you can wait.
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