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Coming In Like A Lion...

You know, there's no "smug" in the default moods on LJ. Somehow that seems wrong.

I wound up pulling a 12 hour shift because one of the Geniuses got ripped a new one... apparently even bigger than the one I was ripped, albeit unfairly, two weeks ago. My response was to do so much better that they had to admit that I wasn't a lost cause. Okay, that and I finally got the balls to ask for a "reasonable accommodation" for the ADHD. In fact I refused to even consider writing up a "Personal Improvement Plan" until I get word on the status of that accommodation.

What's a PIP? Well, essentially it's disciplinary action, complete with the threat of termination to make one take it seriously. Of course, they hate calling it disciplinary, which is why I was mean enough to make the assistant manager admit that's what it was. The fact is the "termination" threat is fairly empty in the face of reality, and my determination to work the system to MY benefit (for a change) is throwing wrench into everything. I think the aforementioned management was stunned when I pointed out that I couldn't very well write up a plan without knowing the outcome of my request.

How dare I use LOGIC?

Anyway, so I know how it feels to have a load of bullshit laid at your door. The line I keep hearing is that "we've gotten complaints", which is infuriatingly vague -- it almost feels like they save them up until something happens they think they can point to as a flash point. Of course, in this case the flash point was a mishandled and sleep deprived customer, which is like blaming me for exploding when someone throws a bottle of nitro at me.

The irony is that, when I look at the staff, I'm STILL the second best genius there. And supposedly I'm the genetically disinclined member of the team. While the person in question is a great guy and someone I like personally, it's somewhat reassuring to realize that I'm not likely to be terminated short of a complete purge.

(Knocks on wood)

Perhaps it's a good thing that "smug" isn't in the mood list.

Anyway, so I managed to get some overtime, and made myself look good to boot. The only irritating part is that I'm pulling a closer tomorrow, had a tentative overnight date with perlandria on Thursday, and will be having a get together with Roni and lavendersage and lovingstones on Friday.

Ah well.

Oh, here's a little parable of what happens when you make a "wrong" turn.

On my way back to the Bay Area Sunday, I managed to make a left when I should have gone forward and wound up in the wrong part of the C terminal in Phoenix. I had just realized my mistake, trapped on the moving walkway, when I spotted something in the distance that made my heart leap for joy:

An ice cream store. Not ANY ice cream... CARVEL. East coasters will understand my delight: I hadn't had any Carvel ice cream since the last time I was in NY, August of 2001. Considering my somewhat frazzled state of mind, a chocolate soft serve Carvel cone was an incredible treat. Roni has recent informed me that Carvel is opening a franchise soon in Northern California.

Mmmm... Ice cream cakes. By Carvel. I think I'm totally tripping on the idea.

Look, remember the hysteria when Krispy Kreme came to California? That's how some (including myself) feel about Carvel. I know that a lot of people will have no idea what's so special, even AFTER they try it themselves. I don't care.

The cone? It was as good as I hoped. Nice to know some things continue to be as good as remembered. Now if only we could get Sabret's hot dog's to open a west coast source, and my life will be complete.
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