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Another One For The Meat Grinder

So, it looks like hermorrine finally got her WLS approved.

I'm sorry, but while I won't comment in her LJ directly, I still think that this is medically sanctioned slow suicide. The idea that starvation diets are bad UNLESS it's imposed through major surgery is one of the most idiotic ideas out there.

All those positive posts responding to this news makes me physically ill. "Wow, we're delighted that you're probably going to be a) reduced to a whole new set of physical problems; b) Still fat (and/or); c) dead within 5 years!"

Because after all, your better off dead if you're fat.

Why have I disabled comments? Because I don't want to hear the propaganda if you're for it, and hearing supportive comments won't compensate for the sadness that those bastards conned another one.

I wonder... how many more people have to die on the alter of weight loss for weight losses sake before a clue is to be had?
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