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It's Been... ONE WEEK...

Well, look at that.

Of course, in my defense, it's been a jam packed rollicking time. Between the assorted reconciliations and rediscoveries, working (a lot) and trying to keep up with that chore thing (the garbage and recycling won't take itself out, after all), I've barely had time for sleep.

In fact, I'm squeezing this in the last 5 odd minutes of my lunch... but I promise I'll play catch up later. Honestly.

Meanwhile I'm starting to panic about Sarah-Jayne's visit less than two weeks away (she's here on the 21st! Ack!). I haven't had a chance to clean the house, which probably means it'll get down next Thursday (which I have off and all). All I need is four hours. 6 on the outside, if I want to get fancy or something.
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