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Suddenly, A Sunday He Could Breath (If Only He Could!)

[and here is the "lost" LJ post. Ah well, better late than... oh, you know.]

Good afternoon, campers. And the rest of the US, welcome to daylight savings time. Except for Arizona, of course, where Sarah Jayne has found herself sans flight back to the UK. This means we get to share the same time zone for one more day, for what good it does us.

I can not stress enough how weird it is meeting someone whose intimate (and I mean INTIMATE) details you have been privy to for a solid 12 years shows up... and it's just as good, if not better, than you thought it would be. Having be solidly and completely mutual is one of those moments when you realize the universe is trying to throw you a bone, and you better show some appreciation for it.

So this is me, appreciation. Seriously. Thank you, whomever is up there.

I can feel thankful even though, much to my sort of surprise, I am sick with a flu again. I don't have the wherewithal to go look up my entry from last November (when I had to call in sick for TWO days), but I seem to remember worrying that catching the flu that early was a set up for catching it again late in the season. Maybe my gut was trying to tell me something.

At first I thought I caught it from SJ, but Patrick at work (yeah, him) went down for three days... and I don't think he got it from me. It was probably the other way around. At least it waited to take me out until AFTER she left for her con in phoenix, where she saw Ron Jeremy get nailed in the nuts by a dodge-ball. What a weird life I have....

So I'm spending the first weekend alone in the apartment with Roni since August we us both feeling poorly (oddly enough, with me feeling worse than she does... and odd turnabout produced by the fact that I made myself work three of four days this week). I'm having lots of hot tea (with lemon and honey, natch!), soup, hot baths (I'm soaking in one so hot I have to pause writing every few minutes to mop the palm sweat from the iBook) and taking dayQuil. Actually, I feel a lot better as far as my body... it's almost entirely upper resp and throat at this point.

I had to practically threaten Roni with physical restraints before she conceded that doing the laundry today was a bad idea. That didn't stop her from going out and getting fixings for beef stew (a brilliant idea... soup just isn't substantial enough) and (goddess bless her!) Raspberry sorbet. Tastes good, and it's like an icy orgasm in my poor sandpapered throat.

Things have shifted big time here... I suspect that getting sick is the goddess saying "take your time... you have plenty!" and keeping me from rushing headlong into my new venture. Until some stuff is taken care of, I can't/won't go into too much detail, but suffice it to say: Can you BELIEVE no one ever thought to register the domain "fatgoddess.com"?!

On that oblique note (and that no, it's not connected to anything yet...), I'm going to succumb to this bath and see if I can burn this fucker out of my body. A quick shout out to penguin_goddess and gtpooh for there part in making this past week or two an amazing one, a special wish of happiness to Kim in her wonderful new place (a super-honorable mention to her landlord, whom I like a lot ALREADY for reasons I should let Kim tell you about in her LJ), a big I love you to SJ and an even bigger one (which hardly seems possible) to Roni.

More after I regain consciousness.
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