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Good God, Man...GO TO SLEEP!

Well, I wanna blog, damn it all...

I've gotten an enormous amount done in the last 36 hours. The old web site is now 95% converted (I literally have 2, maybe three pages to finish), and I've already begun the new material (including a FAQ for the new shopping section). I've even gone through and re-formatted all those screwed up text files, some dating back to the days the Rotunda was a BBS.

Took a break this afternoon for a first "date" with gtpooh at Grand Central Hot Tubs (the motel 6 of hot tubs...usable, but still kinda cheezy after a place like Watercourse Way in Palo Alto). Had a lovely time talking, soaking, and etc. Especially etc.

One of the good things I learned was that she's definitely going to do the modeling for me! Excellent news, as I've already taken quite a few shots. It also looks good for Jenni doing the modeling as well (she was the second model on Monday, but I didn't want to say anything until after G had cleared things with the spouse).

Which reminds me of an interesting chat I had last night with Kathleen, in which she noted that I needed to change something in my previous post. "What?!" I types, panicking (oh no, recent events haven't made me overly sensitive about journal entries, not at all). As it turns out, let me state for the record here and now, that Jenni is GTPooh's daughter, and not Kathleen's. (rolls eyes).

Finally managed to reach Richard this afternoon about the job at Ponte...I have to meet with him tomorrow afternoon. I'll need to reschedule Noe for Friday to do it.

I called Ambar today to chat about snagging Richard for me, and about possibly modeling. However, she didn't call me back until later this evening, while I was still officially doing "date" night with Michele.

I'm going to go crash now. With a little luck I should be able to finish the site tomorrow, and have it staged for testing tomorrow night. I'll use Roni's high speed connection for that bit of mucking around.

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