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Slipping One In From Work -- Bad Yo

Actually, since I never take those alleged 15 minute breaks -- I'm supposed to get two a day, apparently -- I'm probably owed no fewer than 5 days worth of fifteen minute breaks at this point. In other words, I thus chill about my less than work ethical behavior, because I still blow away the average drone. So there.

I'm back to 100% after being sick, and Roni can (at last!) taste food again. As a result we got to see Sin City last Friday (I liked it... and amazing film, out noir's Film Noir by a mile, great acting, writing, and special effects... the whole thing was green screened a la "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow")*, I ate a Kobe burger at Fuddrucker's (mmmm... meat that had a better life than even *I* have had!), did a short photo shoot with a new model Nikki (also another new relationship -- watch yo's brain explode!), do ANOTHER shoot on Monday with kshandra in her corset (which is as hot as it sounds), had lunch with Nikki and Kshandra because they have similarenough body types that a shoot of them together would be EXTRA happy, and cooked Roni dinner after a rough day at work.

And that's just the synopsis, of course.

Making my life even more (shall we say) fluid, is that one of the fellow Geniuses at work spazzed out his back something fierce last week, so I suddenly found myself doing a closer tonight. Fortunately Walnut Creek came through and is sending help, which combined with the fact that the man in question was off the next couple of days anyway means we might be less than hammered come week's end.

I have SUCH a backlog of images to post here and elsewhere it's not funny. Sarah-Jayne has informed me she's begun the actual design work this week (delayed because of relationship issues that had to be hammered out... I wouldn't know ANYTHING about THAT), so it looks like things are moving forward, albeit slower than I would like. Which is, I want to be a successful fat erotica maven yesterday, not next year, darn it!

Ah well... patience is one of the virtues I'm trying to keep on life support here.

On that note, I'm off to sleep. Hopefully I can wait until after the drive home.
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