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Tired, but happy...

Wow. Either I'm about to go offline healthwise, or I'm just on a really good roll. The new site is literally just hours away from going beta...all the pages (even actual custom 403 and 404 error pages...html geeks know what those are for) are done and laid up, the sample images for the new CD-ROM sales for the photo shoots I've done so far are formatted, and I even managed to upload the whole damn thing to test it running on an actual server (read: NOT localhost).

All that needs to be done is to replace a few placeholder text items, update the site on the server, and go through and tweak any last minute bugs. I think the biggest job I have will be tweaking my LiveJournal styles so I can integrate it properly with my pages, but even THAT'S working already (worst thing i can say about it is the text is a bit too small. No worries).

Right now, I'm going to go get some sleep so I can do the finishing touches with a reasonably clear head...at least, as clear as it's going to get.

I do a shoot of Roni this weekend, and a shoot of Marsha on Sunday. Oh, and I met with ambar yesterday at Ponte, and her main concern about modeling was whether she needed to be bracing herself for cold and uncomfortable shoots...She's literally bruised and battered herself while modeling in various remote locations. I assured her I was going for the warm and comfortable look...lots of pillows and comfy chairs and the like.

Oh, and I FINALLY got to meet elflet, and we all munched at Clark's before I ran to the city to meet up with Roni last night. They are, ironically enough, in Boulder Creek this weekend, hopefully having a grand time in spite of the rain.

Anyway, I'm off. My next entry should have a link to the new site temporary URL! (knocks on wood. Head. Same thing.)
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