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The Eye of the Cliché

Yes, I'm still at work. I'm supposed to be here until 3 AM, prepping the store for the big Tiger rollout tomorrow.

The latest buzz is over some pissant OEM in Florida suing apple over it's use of the word "Tiger". That's right, after 18 months of exposure (some would say OVER exposure) this little company that, quite frankly, *I* had never heard of before now has decided to pull an SCO and ask for a preliminary injunction against Apple over it's use of the word Tiger. The day before it launches. While I do NOT speak for Apple in any way, shape or form, nor am I an attorney, I think that this one's going to be a long shot for the little shit guy.

The best theory put forth so far is that their hoping Apple will cough up some cash to settle. Wasn't it Exxon that did that old "Put a Tiger in your tank" thing? They might want to think twice about winning this one.

Better yet, let's call Journey's lawyers, and see if THEY could sue TigerDirect into oblivion.

You know, I can't believe I let the whole passing of the pope/election of new pope pass without a single comment. Shows you how removed I've become from my Irish Catholic roots. Old pope? Stood up to communism, wanted to pretend Vatican II never happened, was a revisionist and anal cranial inverted twit. His replacement? More of the same, only not as lovable. My theory: He's there to satisfy the old school conservatives of the church while being so unlikable by the world at large that any changes made by HIS sucessor (in two years, if he's to be believed about this whole retirement by 80 thing) won't seem like a slap in the face of John Paul II.

Now, back to work with me!
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