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Beltaine Blessings and Other Cries of "May Day, May Day!"

No, I'm really AM tired. As in realizing that, since last wednesday, I've slept, oh, 12 hours... and six of those were last night.

Last night, after fae_struck's wonderful 80's B-day party (the band didn't suck, there was a lot of my kind of eye-candy, though I think I was there with the prettiest women... I really hope Raven scored some pics of us!) I fully intended to get home and be in bed by 11. Instead, I wound up hitting the bed at midnight, essentially having a really GREAT rite with Roni. I wound up not really sleeping until almost 2. The only good thing was that at least this time I SLEPT. The night before I only had two hours sleep, even though I was in bed for nearly 6, and that time is wasn't because I was doing anything particularly fun -- Roni was asleep next to me as I did my best impression of a man actually sleeping. Meaning my eyes were closed, but I couldn't get my mind to turn off to save my life.

While I have another early shift tomorrow, I WILL be asleep fairly early tonight. Tomorrow night too, though first I'm finally going to see "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". Finally, another two days off (and a date with perlandria on Tuesday!! Woo!) and my sleep deficit should be paid in full.

It felt a little weird not to have a FORMAL ritual for Beltaine... but I suspect the combustion last night was the universe's way of reminding us we don't always need one.
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