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Raining in May...

The trick is to write LJ entries in my E-mail program, which a) allows me to spellcheck (for whatever reason Safari doesn't do this, at least not in Panther. No, we haven't upgraded to Tiger yet, because there are too many internal apps that could hork if we do), b) makes it look like I'm doing something that's actually a part of my job, c) allows me to save on the fly as a drat so some nimrod forcing the system to re-boot won't nuke some incipient opus.

Last night I did one of my periodic user info checks, and was shocked and bemused to see Susan Stinson has friended me. Now, I added her LJ ages ago because she's an intelligent writer and (yes, I freely admit!) cute as hell. As in cute enough to pose for fatgoddess.com is she decided to be so silly. Having her friend ME, however, leaves me feeling... well... like maybe my ravings are fascinating reading. That, or it's a fun pathology to muse upon in the vein of "there but for the grace of the goddess go I".

The last few days have been pretty hairy, despite my best efforts. perlandria and I had our date interrupted by an ongoing (and incredibly rare) meltdown on Roni's part over what I consider to be a mind boggling minor issue blown into macroscopic proportions by a friend she's had for nearly 18 years. The whole thing was exacerbated by a canceled dinner date with ANOTHER old friend, and the fact that my phone was still in vibrate after seeing "Hitchhiker's Guide" , so when she tried to call and tell me about the change of plans and deal with the emotional fall-out, she couldn't reach me.

It all worked out well - P had gotten off work WAY early, so we already had about 7 hours together (which, much to my chagrin, involved napping. I think I've FINALLY paid off my sleep deficit, at least!), and it turns out that she was working Wednesday after all (consolation prize? Mo' Money!). After all the work put into taking care of Roni, she was still shaky the next day. I had some tentative plans with penguin_goddess to tub and hang out together a bit, but we decided that Roni needed some loving -- so we had her head over to the tubs with us.

I hate to say it, but the evening didn't end as well, as I would have liked. Kim was apparently really desirous of some alone time with me, which she wasn't getting, and hanging out with me and Roni was only making it worse. She's been battling some intense depression lately, which makes me feel incredibly helpless -- which is (big shock) a hot button issue for me. We had a big conflict toward the end of the night, but I think we've managed to pull out of THAT nose dive.

The upshot of all of this is that the two days I deliberately didn't schedule any photo-shoots, only a couple of late dates (all hail sleeping in!), and nothing else, still felt manic and crammed. Ah well... sleep, as woshad is fond of saying, is for the weak and sickly. No, really.

Anyway, back to work -- though in truth this was written in little digestible bits over several hours, so I've hardly STOPPED working. Actually, I need to go get some lunch... I've already been here nearly 6 hours. Later!
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