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It's Just Some Eye Candy in the Morning

I was so busy yesterday I forgot to tell this little tale of oddness.

We were going through the tail end of a recent storm, so the accidents were fairly well interspersed through my commute route. Californians REALLY have trouble with driving in weather.

I was just coming up on 92 on southbound 880 when I noticed a simple stall up ahead on the right shoulder. Just as I was approaching a very large, adorable fat girl (one could easily call her husky) climbed from the cab of a tow truck. Traffic was sluggish (it usually is that time of day when you get to that intersection), so I got to watch as she sauntered to the back of the car, bent over (at which I turned my eyes skyward and muttered "no fair!" to the goddess), which pulled her blue uniform pants tight across her considerable ass... and began pushing a fairly large four door sedan forward in order t bring it within winch distance of the tow truck. Sure, we're only talking a few feet... but watching her barely strain as she did this made me... well... shall we just say "very happy" and be done with it?

I didn't think so. Well, that's all you're going to get this time.

Anyway, making the picture even more demographically complex was the (skinny) woman sitting behind the wheel of the very same car, chattering on her cell phone -- no doubt complaining bitterly to a co-worker about the unpredictability of mechanics. The final twist was the driver was black, and the tow truck operator (mrow!) was white.

I *so* adore California.

So, to the un-named babe o' power -- a tip of the hat, and an open invitation to call me.
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