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Work Hiatus, Already In Progress

Thanks to everyone who sent hugs for yesterday. Today is LOTS better, thank you very much.

I wonder if people can understand how humbling it is to be as thick as a brick for a day at a time, seemingly at random? It's certainly one of the main reasons I have a very hard time taking my so called intelligence for granted. Sure, I score highly on those stupid tests -- I wonder what would happen if I had taken them on day like yesterday? I think I would be lucky to come in at just under average.

Ok, that's perhaps my tendency for hyperbole showing it's distorted and freakish face.

Work today is especially weird. Repair is caught up (the repairs still here are awaiting parts), I'm not able to do paperwork thanks to a server being down (it handles authentication, so I can't sign onto OTHER servers), and the bar is well and truly covered by the unflappable Chris (who endeared himself to me this morning by being distracted by this sweet old basset hound outside the store -- he literally stopped mid-sentence to say "Oooo, a basset!" in tones normally reserved for a child seeing a balloon, or maybe a geek checking out the latest handheld gadget). Essentially the only thing I CAN do right now is, perhaps, cleaning the workbench. Which is already pretty well organized by the anal tendencies of yours truly, who simply can't WORK unless his space is organized.

Which is why you're reading this now... I'm belting out a journal entry while I await usefulness.

I *hate* the whole hurry up and wait thing. making it worse is knowing that, when the server finally comes back online, I'll have this sudden flood of things to do. After all, people are still checking things for repair, the paperwork has just been done manually until such time it can be entered into the system. Goodie.
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