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Boxing Nick

While I awaited the return of my network last night so I could finish taking my ^%$#^%#$%!!! re-certifications, I sat and watched the CSI season finale with Roni. We had recorded it on the RePlay in the TV room, deliberately holding off on watching until we were certain of not hitting any commercial breaks.

To paraphrase kshandra, "Holy Shit".

I won't go into too much detail, as I'm not in the mood (nor do I remember how) to do an LJ cut (I usually use my off-line client at home), but suffice to say that Quentin Tarantino is a sick, twisted genius who not only directed the episode (which was extolled in all the teasers), but WROTE it as well. I was already on it for his direction, but as anyone who has experienced one of his movies will tell you, his writing is complex and subtle even as he throws gore and explosions in your face.

I have to run (a certain genius is trying to squeeze me off the admin machine), but one last word: George Eads deserves an Emmy for his performance as Nick Stokes last night. Period.
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