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The Return Of Puzzling Evidence AND Strange Dreams

I really need to start updating more regularly. There's so much stuff that I need to get down and I've neglected doing so, it's important that try and do it tonight, migraine or not (thus the "mood" setting to nauseated).

Don't expect any coherence here... this is just an accumulation of impressions.

A dream: I'm running from someone, a pair (a man and a woman, not a couple though) who want to catch me. We somehow wind up in an abandoned mental institution for the criminally insane, where all the TV's were still on and showing black and white russian sitcoms.

I succeed in escaping, first by ambushing the woman and shooting her point blank, then by crawling through an odd room that appeared to have been converted hastily as some sort of holding pen. Escape was absurdly easy, which made me wonder as to the intelligence of those who had created it. Since the man had to make his way around, and hadn't realized that I had doubled back, I was able to make it to the front doors. Outside there was a parking lot, a busy highway, and two cars... I ran to one (mine, I think), when I awoke.

The drive last night was odd. While talking to Roni on the phone as I traversed the San Mateo bridge, and thus was facing more or less east, a shooting star appeared over the Hayward Hills. No mere streak of light, it lingered for several seconds as it descended from right to left, visibly breaking up into smaller chunks long before it met the horizon.

I just accidentally deleted two paragraphs after that last, and now I just want to cry. Since I'm going to try and eat something, I think I'll save this now.

Oh, one last thing. I've been contacted by someone at NAAFA about doing a fat sex workshop at the convention in August. After savoring the richness of that ironic broth, I suddenly realized I had no idea what to do if I said "yes". Any suggestions?
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