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The Time Has Come for The Update...Almost.

My ex boss, Guy Kawasaki, had a line he used during his "Rules for Revolutionaries" talks: "Don't Worry, Be Crappy". It means that you can't wait until acheiving perfection before making your move.

Today I caught myself tracking obscure details and getting ultra-anal retentive about the pages. Stupid details, most that the majority of people really couldn't give a shit about.

Screw that. I've been working on this thing on and off since last JUNE (2001), and I have to start creating the actual product based on this design. I works, looks better than the old site by a large margin, and will scale really well.

The new site is staged at http://www.rotunda.com/new. A few caveats -- the "announcements" mailing list isn't set up yet (probably won't be until monday night), and there are still some typos (always), and some of the samples will probably change (I literally picked them at random, from the shoots I've done so far). But there ARE samples, so people can get an idea of where I'm heading with this new project.

It feels kind of weird...another big step toward my dreams. It's even makes me all over odd writing that line.

It is done. If no one finds something horribly wrong with the design (email me at yohannon@rotunda.com if you find anything that looks stupid. Yes, even typos and my personal bugaboo... missing words) it'll take over for the main site within the week.

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