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After Math, Part the First

So I had this migraine the night before last. Mentioned it here, if you hadn't blinked whilst reading your friends lists, those ever populating rolls of spiritual graffiti.

Occasionally my brain does some interesting things when I'm in that much pain. For example, Roni and I were watching a poker tournament on TV, and she made a comment about history repeating, and I (apparently... I actually don't recall DOING this)... well, I burst into song.

"History, never repeats, I tell myself, before I go to sleep..."

I had gotten up to get something to drink when I started to do this, and by the time I got to the door I noticed she was looking at me oddly. "I don't know that one..." she said.

"Don't know what?" was my less then aware reply.

Fortunately, she sussed what happened before *I* did, and I realized what song I had sung. It's from a band out of New Zealand called "Split Enz", who, back in the early 80's, was a major influence on the sound of that decade. They had a few hits, and a few MTV videos... and then dropped from the US music scene, at least. I used to listen to them all the time.

So I thought I would track down some of the songs I found myself whistling to this day, including "History Never Repeats". Only I didn't get to that night. However, after my close call last night, I realized I wanted to hear them. Now. As in, the songs couldn't download fast enough.

I was afraid that they would have paled in the cold light of the now, the way some things remembered can betray you. Instead, I rediscovered a talented song writer and group that, while techo, was rhythmically and melodically complex, a tight group of excellent musicians.

One of the tunes I uncovered was "Message to my Girl", a sweet love song that deserved to be listened to again in and of itself. However, I encountered a version I had never heard before, one they did with the New Zealand orchestra that had me in tears less than halfway through. Hearing it again this morning, it made me cry again. I've just burned it to disk to listen to in the car, as I climb up on that horse that didn't throw me to best the one that did.

See if you can find either version. Consider it an datarcheological assignment (yes, I just made the word up. Watch it become a part of the OED inside of ten years), unearthing a treasure obscured by decades of dust and debris.
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