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Holding Pattern, Holiday Weekend Style

Once again updating from work with not enough time and too much information.

So, this memorial day I'm working all three days during the weekend. Which means I'll have three days off later in the week. This actually works on a lot of levels, because if my soon to be born daughter decides to wait until after Memorial day, The way my weekends are laid out the next two weeks give me this nice, long cushion from work. A few months ago dcatt noted that she had a feeling that she would wait until June 2, instead of the original date pinpointed by the best that modern natal medicine can provide. That was yesterday.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me in the least that a child of mine is late for her own birth.

The only thing that would be a bummer is that, after way too long an absence, lunar_phoenix finally had enough time to squeeze in a real date with me for (you guessed!) the 2nd. Continue the endless suspense, or see someone I haven't seen since last November?

Oh well.

I have to utter some amusement at the increasingly complicated little jams that W keeps getting into. First, what to do with a cuban freedom-fighterterrorist that managed to slip into the country? W kept saying that "any country that harbors terrorists is no better then the terrorists", though ironically it was to bolster the case for nailing Iraq... which was one of the only middle eastern countries NOT sympathetic to Al Quaida.

Then his own party makes him look bad twice, once when the moderates actually had the nerve to work out a deal with the dems, and then when the house... you know, the one CONTROLLED by the republican party? ...actually turned around and overwhelmingly passed a stem cell bill that he'll be forced to veto with sweeping pronouncements designed to placate his theocratic masters on the religious right, while essentially telling the rest of us to fly to South Korea, where all the action is happening... and which is also a country we're trying to use in our little power play with NORTH Korea.

It's all about the grays, George the Younger. Sure, things are simpler in black and white, but trying to apply that approach to world politics brings us... well, exactly what we have.

Some time ago, when I realized that the only explanation for W's behaviors were that he really BELIEVED a lot of the manure he was spouting, I wondered when he would hit that point where, when a world stubbornly refused to conform with his expectations, that script that the assorted neocons in DC had written with that same smug self-assurance. That point where he either woke up... or lost it completely.

I'm thinking of starting a pool where people guess when W completely goes around the bend. Wanna join?
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