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Of Fishes and Barrels

I've only been to work for about 90 minutes, and I'm already bored to tears.

The problem is that there are almost NO repairs in the queue that can be done today, combined with the likelihood the the foot traffic is going to be fairly minimal. That means, if I'm lucky, I'll talk Chris into letting me out early so I can go spend the afternoon with willowstand geeking out on her new Dual G5. I'm thinking of showing her how all the cool chat stuff works, especially if I upgrade her to Tiger.

While I sit here, waiting for something to happen, I've decided to drag the obnoxious commentary from the previous posting into the light of day, where I can dissect it at my leisure:

Hmmmm... I find it appalling that you're lamenting over the fact that the birth of your daughter might cause you to postpone a chance to get your dick wet. Appalled, but in no way am I surprised.

So far the responses to this have been gratifying, especially the one I know dcatt herself posted, or at least tried to (I've asked her to try again, because nothing shuts down a shame attempt faster than the person being so used in such an attempt bitch slapping you all the way from Phoenix). People seemed to get the core point, which is: I have my priorities straight.

One thought I had involved the idea that my "lament" was "appalling" only because the activity was, at least in their interpretation, sexual in nature. For example, if I had said "With my luck the baby will be born the same day that Game 7 of the World Series" or "... the same day we were supposed to go to Disneyland", or some similar statement of some pleasurable activity that would HAVE to be postponed/cancelled, then I don't think they would have found much to complain about. However, sex is a tool of those who would control you through the means of humiliation, so it looks like an easy target to most.

So, why is some shmuck in Southern California taking such an obvious cheap shot at someone who spends a lot of time talking about sex positivity? Oh, never mind... I just answered my own question. Obviously anyone who has had it drummed into their heads that "sex is bad", especially the sex and sexuality that exists well outside the proscriptions of the church, would attack anyone who would dare raise the specter of sex as something that shouldn't be shameful or hidden.

Of course, all of this is moot if you realize I never said I was HAVING sex on June 2nd. As shocking as it may seem, I actually do have "dates" that don't involve any sex. At all. Sure, I'm a sex fiend by my own admission, someone who love physicality as a way of establishing and maintaining intimacy -- but that's not the be-all, end-all of my relationships.

The funny thing is that recently Michele expressed concern that I would be "hurt" if the more reactionary elements in NAAFA decided to start up the hate-rumor machine -- this is exactly the kind of crap they would concoct, and worse. Of course, what I tried to tell her at the time (more or less) was that NAAFA isn't as important to me as it once was. It's not been the only game in town for a long time, and the fact that the new(er) board members are entertaining the idea of this workshop is a sign that the old guard is fading fast.

Hell, I'm sort of HOPING they protest. I would view it, not with the feeling of rejection I would have once had, but vindication that I must be on the right track. If it pisses them off, I surely am.

So anyway, the more I pondered what appears to be a random attack from what slashdot would call "An Anonymous Coward", the more puzzled I was as to the motive of the poster. Even if they just know me from my LJ, they should know that wouldn't do a damn thing to alter my life -- unless you count the seconds, maybe even minutes of amusement that can be derived by openly mocking them like this. Theories floated on line and off are:

- Bitter ex. Ironically, I can't think of anyone that could be, as I don't have all that many "exes", and they're usually as perverse as I am.

- Envious person, male or female. You know, someone so pissed that I'm determined to live life by my terms and rules that they want to try and remove any joy I find in it. Less charitable forms of envy involve genitalia size issues -- it's strange how different women I've spoken to about this ALL have brought up the size of the perpetrators dick, or lack thereof. I have to point out to them that this could be a woman.

- Random hater. Just some fool that, somehow, some way, found the journal, took the statement out of context, and decided that they felt a "moral obligation" to show me the error of my ways.

Sure, I could just let it go. But sometimes, it feels kinda good to get justifiably indignant. I should thank this nameless twit for the opportunity to expunge some of the pent up irritation that I can feel toward people at the bar at work. I may not be able, as lavendersage points out, to eat the customers, but I can certainly have you for breakfast.

On that note, I actually do have some work to do. Later!
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